Here you can learn about Nikola Tesla, Tesla Coils, electrical special effects (SFX) HAARP, and the amazing science behind the thriller, STORMDRAGON, and the horror novel, THE MESMER PROJECT. Please feel free to browse!

For Ritchey's non-fiction titles, including how to build Tesla Coils, Van de Graaf Generators, and similar apparatus, please see Non-Fiction Books.

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... edge of your seat techno-thriller.
—J.B. Kohl, author of Borrowed Trouble

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A gripping novel to keep you reading through the night!

A mysterious machine, built over a century ago by the enigmatic scientist Nikola Tesla, lies hidden in an ancient building near Pikes Peak. Its monstrous counterpart occupies the vast interior of a hollowed-out mountain in Alaska.

Kate McCullough, investigative reporter for a Colorado Springs television station, discovers the terrifying link between the two machines —and her own family.

During a harrowing undercover operation inside the dark mountain, she seizes evidence incriminating the top echelons of a major corporation and the U.S. government.

Pursued by a massive conspiracy with all the resources of the "shadow" government, Kate must use all of her guile and wits just to stay alive. How can she hope to stop a fiercely guarded juggernaut that can burn the soul from every living being on the planet?

Her efforts to expose the conspirators will soon unleash a staggering electronic firestorm, and the fate of mankind hangs in the balance.

The second edition of Stormdragon will soon be released along with a new horror novel by Lloyd Ritchey.

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