The Science Behind STORMDRAGON

HAARP 180-antenna grid

Panorama of HAARP antennas. Denali is in background.

HAARP's antennas tower above the pines.

Antennas from NE corner. Note size relative to trailer in the foreground.

Row of diesel generators comprising part of the HAARP power plant

Located near Gokona, Alaska, HAARP is a joint project of the Navy, Air Force, and Department of Defense. Its alleged purpose is to study the ionosphere.

Some believe its ultimate purpose is to develop a multifaceted weapon that can induce various mental states, modify the weather, disrupt communications, and destroy aircraft, missiles, or satellites.

Currently, HAARP is comprised of 180 high-frequency antennas over 70 feet tall, covering approximately 33 acres of virgin forest. Part of HAARP's research involves beaming intense (several billion watts) of radio frequency energy into the ionosphere.

Lloyd Ritchey seized upon the more radical theories concerning HAARP and incorporated them into Stormdragon. In the novel, a vastly more powerful and evolved instrument—ARC—is used by conspirators as a terrifying, undefeatable weapon of ultimate power.

All HAARP photos on this page are courtesy of the project itself, which maintains a Website: www.haarp.alaska.edu



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