1. Bill Beaty's Website. Bill has tons of info about Nikola Tesla, Tesla Coils, and other science. www.amasci.com

2. Twenty First Century Books, www.tfcbooks.com, sells books and manuals related to Tesla and Tesla technology. The site also has current info regarding Tesla conventions, organizations, etc.

3. Bill Wysock's Website, Tesla Technology Research, www.ttr.com, has exciting photos and info about his Tesla Coils. He's built the biggest since Tesla himself; his Model 13 punches out sparks over 60 feet long!

4. Dr. Nick Begich, author of Angels Don't Play This HAARP: www.earthpulsepress.com

5. Jerry E. Smith, author of HAARP, The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy www.jerryesmith.com

6. The official HAARP Website: www.haarp.alaska.edu

7. J.B. Kohl, author of the hard-boiled detective novel, The Deputy's Widow: www.jbkohl.com

8. Arctic Wolf Publishing: www.arcticwolfpublishing.com

9. Lloyd Ritchey's Blogs for discussions about writing, thrillers, horror, mysteries, conspiracies, Tesla, HAARP, and interviews with authors: www.myspace.com/lloydritchey

10. Armchair Interviews, www.armchairinterviews.com, is a very helpful site designed for writers and authors. Crammed with information and links covering topics about writing, publishing, and book marketing.

11. Dead Robot's Society: www.deadrobotssociety.com. Justin Macumber runs this entertaining and informative podcast. Author interviews, publishers, and others discuss the business of getting published and marketing books.

12. A relatively new site devoted to Nikola Tesla and his technology is www.teslauniverse.com. This is an excellent site with lots of photos and sources.



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