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Oh my God. What were they doing in there?

The North Ridge military base lay abandoned for fifty years, its access roads and buildings bombed into oblivion, its perimeter secured by miles of fencing and glinting coils of razor wire. Two young boys find a way inside the forbidden property. They discover tunnels and a hidden laboratory, and by accident release an unimaginable evil.

Nearby Kellsburg is suddenly plagued by a chain of ghastly murders, victims’ bodies savaged in a way the medical examiner says is impossible. People mysteriously disappear, and then return—as living abominations.

As Kellsburg descends into chaos, Sheriff Greg Colvin and a handful of volunteers enter North Ridge in an attempt to stop the killings. In shadowed chambers freighted with the screams of torture and inhuman experiments, Colvin and his team confront a horror beyond their darkest nightmares.

Colvin’s struggle to save himself, his town, and perhaps humankind itself, has just begun.

But most frightening of all are the people who created the evil, and those who will stop at nothing to possess it.